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Ways To Give

How To Help

Your Gift Makes a Difference!

Because of YOU, Southeast CASA Program advocates for abused and neglected children from Yankton, Clay, Union, Turner, and Bon Homme counties. Our program has been in existence since October 2011. Without YOU, these children would not have a voice in what happens to them.

No other program focuses entirely on the best interests of the abused or neglected child. Your gift provides CASA advocacy for children who are removed from their homes due to abuse or severe neglect. 

Your donation goes a long way in making sure that these kids are placed in a safe, permanent home where they will have the best chance at a brighter future.

The children who have a CASA advocate attend school more regularly, are less likely to drop out of high school, are less likely to be delinquent, are less likely to become adults who depend upon welfare programs, and are less likely to raise their own children in homes of abuse or neglect. These are benefits to our entire community.

A CASA child is in the foster care and court systems for an average of 11 months. The cost to provide a CASA advocate for that child that entire time is the same as it costs for only ONE MONTH of foster care! If CASA advocacy can shorten the time that a child spends in “the system”, we are saving taxpayer dollars while ensuring that the child is in a safe, permanent home.

Your support of the Southeast CASA Program is greatly appreciated! 

Mail a check with your donation to: Southeast CASA, P.O. Box 7017, Yankton, SD, 57078, or click under the picture above to donate by credit card.


Sponsor CASA Advocacy for An Abused or Neglected Child

YOU can provide a CASA volunteer for every child in Yankton, Clay, Bon Homme, Turner, and Union County who qualifies for one. 

In order to ensure that 100% of these kids has a voice in court, WE NEED YOU.

You don’t want to have even one abused or neglected child go without advocacy. They need compassionate people like you to provide them with a voice in court when decisions are made about their future. Your donation will train new CASA volunteers, giving these kids the gift of hope for a brighter future.

It costs $550 to train each new CASA volunteer!

It costs $125 to provide a child with CASA advocacy for one month, and $1500.00 for a year. A CASA case is open an average of 11 months!

YOU can make a difference today in the lives of abused and neglected children right here in our own area with your donation.

Champions for Children

YOU can make a safe, easy, and affordable donation each month to support the kids served by the Southeast CASA Program.  With a monthly gift, YOU are giving an abused or neglected child a CASA volunteer who will be their advocate while he or she is in foster care. The Champions for Children are people just like you who have joined our monthly giving program.

A monthly gift of $5 results in a $60 donation for the year!    A monthly gift of $10 makes your annual donation of $120!

A monthly gift of $20 results in a $240 donation for the year!   Your monthly gift of $50 will end up as an annual donation of $600!

Click below the photo to get to the Donation page, and check the "Make this a monthly gift" box on your credit card donation form.

Thank you for all you do for the CASA kids!

How to Support the CASA Diaper Depot

The CASA Diaper Depot is a totally donor-supported project, and we need your help!

Something as simple as a fresh and clean bottom can help babies and their families rise to the top.

1 in 3 American families reports experiencing diaper need.

Diaper need is the lack of a sufficient supply of diapers to keep an infant or child clean, dry, and healthy.

Diapers are essential to a baby's healthy development. Keeping infants and toddlers clean, dry, and healthy is key to building a solid foundation for all children to reach their full potential.

For parents suffering from diaper need, they may have to leave baby in a soiled diaper for extended periods or even reuse previously soiled diapers. Babies who remain too long in a soiled diaper are exposed to potential health risks.

Babies require up to 12 diapers per day, toddlers about 8.

Diapers cost between $70 and $80 per month. It costs an average of $3000 to diaper one child with regular changes until potty training–a huge expense for the over 5 million low-income families with young children living in the U.S. today.

Public assistance programs don’t cover diapers.  Diapers give children and families a brighter future.

5.2 million children in the U.S. aged three or younger live in poor or low-income families.

Most childcare centers, even free and subsidized facilities, require parents to provide a day’s supply of disposable diapers. Many parents cannot go to work or school if they can’t leave their babies at child care due to a diaper shortage.

Feed your family… or diaper your baby.   Could you choose?

Every day, parents in the Yankton area must ask themselves that question.

Parents often have to choose between paying for food or buying diapers. The stress of a decision like that takes a toll on the entire family.

The CASA Diaper Depot believes that no one should ever have to choose between food and diapers, and with your help, we’re making sure fewer families do. We know that diapers are only the beginning of what our struggling families need — they need comprehensive social services that address a range of issues from food and diapers to medical and mental health.  That’s why we partner with organizations in the area that offer whole family care.  

But we need your help.

By working with our partner agencies that are already working with families in need, the CASA Diaper Depot ensures that the diapers collected are distributed to infants and babies in the most efficient and timely manner.

Our Partners:

Pathways Shelter for the Homeless

Systems of Care at L&CBHS

River City Domestic Violence Center

Support the CASA Diaper Depot by making a donation. Your donation goes towards our vision to supplement the basic needs of babies and their families in Yankton County. Southeast CASA can purchase diapers in bulk, significantly reducing the cost of diapers that are available in the CASA Diaper Depot!

Host a Diaper Drive

Host your own diaper drive for the CASA Diaper Depot. Diaper Drives are a chance to have fun and be creative, because no Drive is too big or too small. Any time you get together with friends, invite them to bring a box of diapers with them...and you just had a Diaper Drive!

Contact Southeast CASA at 605-760-4825 for more information.

Financial Donations to the CASA Diaper Depot 

By check: mail to Southeast CASA, P.O. Box 7017, Yankton, SD, 57078-7017. Be sure to write "CASA Diaper Depot" in the memo line!

By credit card: Please go to the Donate page of this website.

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