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We’ve been working hard to help the abused and neglected youth in our community find safe, permanent homes. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:

2019 Friend of CASA Award

The Friend of CASA Award was to have been presented in March during our 2020 Reverse Your Luck fundraising gala in Yankton. Because of the outbreak of Covid-19, that fundraiser was cancelled, and along with it we had to postpone the Friend of CASA Award announcement.

We kept waiting for a time when Southeast CASA was having “something special” so that we could incorporate this award presentation. The pandemic put a stop to any large events, so we used the Nov. 12th Open House at our new office location to make the Friend of CASA Award presentation to Janet Stark of ALC Event Design.

“Janet has graciously assisted Southeast CASA with each of its gala events since we began hosting them in 2015. Whenever we asked for her help, she was quick to say “Yes!” Because of Janet’s generosity, not only did our events look first-rate, but Southeast CASA was able to raise more funds to provide CASA advocacy for local children who had been abused or severely neglected. All of our current and past board members join the Southeast CASA staff and volunteers in thanking Janet for her invaluable support for the CASA kids,” Said Sherri Rodgers-Conti during the presentation of the award.

Office Relocation Ribbon Cutting and Open House

Southeast CASA has moved! Our offices are now at 413 W. 15th Street in Yankton.

We celebrated our new office location with an Open House and ribbon cutting on Nov. 12, 2020. The Yankton Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors and some of our board members and agency partners were on hand to see the new office and conduct the ribbon cutting. Thanks to those who attended!

L to R in photo above: Tyler Buckman, Daisey Kamback, Sherri Rodgers-Conti, Jesse Bailey, Kaye O'Neal, Emily Monier, and Sara Livingston.

Our New Yankton Office Location

Southeast CASA is now located at 413 W. 15th Street in Yankton, just west of Mozak's Flooring at 15th and Broadway Ave.


2018 Friend of CASA Award

At the 2019 "Reverse Your Luck" fundraising gala, Tom Andera was recognized as the first "Friend of CASA" award recipient. Tom is the owner of Andera Bookkeeping and Tax Services in Yankton. He has been assisting Southeast CASA with its payroll processing since 2011. Because of Tom's invaluable assistance, Southeast CASA is able to help more abused and neglected children in our area. Thanks for all you do for the CASA kids, Tom!

  • First National Bank
    First National Bank

    Major Sponsor of Southeast CASA

  • Yankton Medical Clinic
    Yankton Medical Clinic
  • First National Bank
    First National Bank

    Major sponsor of Southeast CASA

  • Sanford Vermillion
    Sanford Vermillion

    Sponsor of CASA training

  • Wintz & Ray Funeral Home
    Wintz & Ray Funeral Home

    Annual sponsor

  • Vishay

    Annual sponsor

  • Kolberg Pioneer
    Kolberg Pioneer

    Annual sponsor

  • United Way Yankton
    United Way Yankton

    Yankton County agency

  • United Way Vermillion
    United Way Vermillion

    Clay County agency

5 Ways to Give Back this Halloween

5 Ways to Give Back this Halloween

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about the tricks. Instead, consider what a treat it will be when you also give back to your community. Just because trick or treating may not happen the way it normally does this year due to the global pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t still participate and give back at the same time. Use these suggestions to turn what was once a holiday centered around getting and turn it into a holiday of giving back. 


1. Buy Your Costume from a Nonprofit

Consider bypassing the big box stores in favor of supporting a local organization. Search for your costume at a nonprofit thrift store such as Goodwill. That way, you’ll get a costume that is new to you, but also helps support your community. Plus, you never know what treasures you’ll find. Your costume could end up being better than you ever imagined. 


2. Trick or Treat (Virtually!) for a Cause

Just because trick or treating may not be happening door to door doesn’t mean it’s not happening at all. For example, UNICEF has hosted a “trick or treat” event since 1950 and has raised more than $119 million. This year, they’re going entirely virtual with opportunities to participate by fundraising online and playing online games to collect coins that add to their fundraising total. In the words of UNICEF, “Halloween is not cancelled. It’s just going to look a little different this year.”

3. Donate Old Costumes

Even if trick or treating isn’t happening, kids and adults alike will still be dressing up. Donate your old costumes to an organization or person in need. You know you’re never going to truly need the costume again, as much as you convince yourself you might. We’re speaking from experience here.

4. Donate Food 

Sure, candy is the traditional “food” of Halloween, but this is a nice twist on the holiday. Instead of indulging in sugary goodness, donate money or nonperishable food items to your local food bank. Okay, okay… you can still indulge in the candy and donate! Remember, if you want to spread the cheer by donating candy, save it for somebody you know personally as many food banks cannot distribute the candy and it could go to waste. 


5. Carve Pumpkins to Spread Cheer

While some people are able to continue grocery shopping or running essential errands, there is a large amount of the population that is considered “high risk” for exposure to the virus and thus have chosen to remain quarantined. Spread some cheer by carving pumpkins and delivering them to a local nursing home or a high-risk family that may need a pick-me-up. Of course, keep your distance when making the delivery and follow all protocol to ensure a safe dropoff. Remember that even the smallest act of kindness can go a long way. 


On this holiday that usually centers around the scary, consider using it as a force for good. You can still indulge in your favorite candy, but consider making the holiday more meaningful. Start a tradition of giving back on Halloween each year and consider involving your family and friends to maximize your efforts.