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By Sherri Rodgers-Conti, Executive Director of Southeast CASA


  • Too Many Toys?

  • Be Your Child's Cheerleader

  • The healthy development of an infant's brain is explained in easy to understand guidelines.

  • Child Sexual Abuse Is An Adult Issue

  • There's No Place Like Home, so Volunteer!

  • Are Kids Doomed When Parents Divorce?

  • The impact of a father in a child's life.

  • The impact of mother's in a child's life.

  • April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

  • There are many benefits to reading aloud to a child.

  • How to talk with your child about what's in the news.

  • A foster child has a dream of going parents who can nurture them and keep them safe.

  • First National Bank
    First National Bank

    Major Sponsor of Southeast CASA

  • Yankton Medical Clinic
    Yankton Medical Clinic
  • First National Bank
    First National Bank

    Major sponsor of Southeast CASA

  • Sanford Vermillion
    Sanford Vermillion

    Sponsor of CASA training

  • Wintz & Ray Funeral Home
    Wintz & Ray Funeral Home

    Annual sponsor

  • Vishay

    Annual sponsor

  • Kolberg Pioneer
    Kolberg Pioneer

    Annual sponsor

  • United Way Yankton
    United Way Yankton

    Yankton County agency

  • United Way Vermillion
    United Way Vermillion

    Clay County agency